Kwivik Therapeutics, Inc. (“KTI” or the “Company”) is founded and led by a team comprising well over 100 years experience in pharmaceuticals, medical devices and technology commercialization. We are a customer facing organization, and we serve Consumer, Education, Commercial and Government customers. Kwivik Therapeutics, Inc. is a pre-IPO medical technology company with a robust product pipeline of at least 12 novel, proprietary blockbuster products. Our total available market for all our products combined is a remarkable $1.06 Trillion USD. We develop and market innovative emergency medical and respiratory solutions in the areas of asthma, first aid, pre-responder emergency, cluster headaches, wound care and skin care. We own numerous issued, pending and provisional patents related to our groundbreaking products and technologies. One of the novel approaches incorporated in each product is a unique, proprietary technology: Medically pure (USP) oxygen is created instantly when needed from a catalytic reaction of two dry, inert proprietary powders inside specially designed dispensers made of lightweight, usually thermoplastic, materials. Our mission is to save lives, and to improve quality of life. 

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