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This model is CE marked and FDA approved. The T7 ventilator has both non-invasive and invasive ventilation capabilities. Customers report that it performs on the same level if not better than the VG70 and is the preferred model for hospitals who have used both, with a approx. $10,000 lower price point.


The T7 ventilator is intended to provide continuous ventilation for patients with weight greater than 2kg (infants, children, adults) who require invasive or non-invasive respiratory support, with a tidal volume greater than 20ml. The T7 ventilator offers volume control (IPPV, VAC, VSIMV), pressure control (PCV, PAC, PSIMV), non- invasive (CPAP, CPAP + PSV, BiPPV, APRV), advanced ventilation (PRVC, PRVC + PSV, APRV + PSV), resuscitation mode (CPR, RSA, HFNC), etc.; and has functions such as ETCO2, ring chart, respiratory mechanics and trend chart. The T7 ventilator can display pressure waveform, flow waveform, tidal volume waveform, ETCO2 waveform and interface parameters (pressure, tidal volume, ETCO2, FIO2) in real time.


  • Elegant and portable design
  • 7’’ color touch screen with screen lock
  • Real-time display of 4 waveforms and 3 loops
  • Tidal Volume range: 20-2500ml, I:E ratio 1:59 to 99:1
  • 16 ventilation modes: V-AC, V-SIMV, PRVC, PRVC+, P-AC, P-SIMV, PCV, CPAP, CPAP+, BiPPV,
  • CPR mode according to AHA guideline
  • 2 trigger way: pressure and flow
  • O2 concentration adjustment from 40% to 100%
  • Internal PEEP valve
  • Audible and visual alarm for multi-parameters
  • Optional Mainstream EtCO2 with Respironics technology
  • Rechargeable Li=ion battery with 5 hours operating time
  • IPX4 waterproof


Shipping Information:

MOQ 1 Unit

Price excludes shipping – FOB Qatar Free Trade Region


Please Note: This information does not constitute an offer for sale in any market, jurisdiction or country where regulatory clearance or approval is not obtained for such sale.

T7 Invasive/Non-invasive Ventilator (ICU Level)

SKU: KVK019-081
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