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Who We Are

Kwivik Therapeutics Inc. is a pre-IPO medtech leader that has developed a novel way to create medical oxygen from two, dry inert powders. The oxygen is created on demand, without the need for pressurized storage. We combined this "oxygen from powder" technology with innovative biotech, engineering, IoT and AI technologies to develop a robust pipeline of novel products to disrupt certain respiratory, emergency medical, asthma, cluster headache/migraine, wound care and skin care markets, with a combined market size exceeding a remarkable $750 Billion.

Our History

The powders used in our proprietary oxygen from powder process remain inert while they are hermetically separated from each other, until a button is pushed or turned, when they combine to form medical grade oxygen instantly. This innovative "oxygen from powder" technology eliminates the need for pressurized oxygen storage. That means, there no pressure tanks, no dials, no valves, and no regulators. The oxygen is created on demand.

In 2016 we acquired certain assets and intellectual property related to this technology, and proceeded to develop a cluster of therapeutics solutions for various vertical mass markets, to bring them to the commercial stage. We also believed very early that a tide of transformation was coming: analog medical devices are increasingly becoming or being made "smart" - enabled by IoT - and the secure data being analyzed with machine learning and AI. The goal is to improve medical outcomes and save lives. And to do so more efficiently and effectively.


We predicted this future years ago, and invested in and developed robust, scalable and flexible technologies to: (i) initially enable our own novel therapeutics devices to be tracked, monitored and enhanced with cloud-based Mobile, IoT and AI technologies; and (ii) to open our agnostic technology platforms to monitor any sensitive or critical medical devices and beyond, regardless of device type, manufacturer or application. 

Leadership Team

The Kwivik Leadership Team is comprised of Fortune 100 Management, SAB Members and Noteworthy Investors, including Private Equity and Venture Capital. With well in excess of 200 years combined experience in medical devices, technology, engineering, product development, commercialization and financial markets, the team is well positioned to realize Kwivik's vision and mission of hypergrowth through innovation and relentless execution, while serving our communities and saving lives.

Business Model

We are a medical technology platform company with three product areas: (A) Therapeutics; (B) Emergency Medical; and (C) Medical Aesthetics. In addition, we plan to fuel our future growth in related areas through continued innovation and by acquisition. All our product applications are enhanced by a pervasive, cloud-based Mobile, Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy (our Mobile apps, IoT architecture and AI algorithms are all proprietary). Our business model can be represented by the following diagram (showing the business components without regard to relative segment of market sizes):


Group Structure

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